I’m really excited about serverless computing. The major cloud vendors are expanding their serverless offerings every day. I’ve spent quite a bit of time experimenting with these technologies and implementing them for customers. But some of the most interesting work I’ve been doing I haven’t been able to share. So I decided to start this blog, and come up with some original examples so that I can share what I’ve learned, find out what people think, and get feedback on how it could be better.

I have another blog, but that one doesn’t have much focus, so I decided to start fresh here. Time permitting I’ll import those older posts onto this site. For now, I wanted to focus on creating a “hello world” for serverless. There are many options, and I decided it would be appropriate to chronicle the process of setting up this blog as my first post on serverless. It may not be the simplest example, but I think it does hit a few of the basics like:

  • Figuring out what tools you need on your machine.
  • Finding and signing up for cloud services
  • Setting up a deployment pipeline

So while there is not a lot of computing going on, there is a bit of infrastructure, and for me, getting through this process will give me a shiny new blog that I can fill up with all the things I’d like to share (believe me I’ve got a big Trello board full of post ideas).

Originally this post started as one document, but it became long enough to justify breaking up into 3 parts: